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So far, we have had the opportunity to work on dozens of ambitious projects. Below, you will find some of the most successful ones that we have a right to share.

Natural Instincts

Protect the environment, save the animals, and keep the balance. Natural Instincts is a unique nature documentary simulation game, in which you protect the animals and their environment from human interference.

AR Hunters

Go shopping, find a gift and get rewards! AR Hunters is a mobile sales support system created for one of the shopping centre chains using AR technology.

Medieval Warmia& Masuria

Take learning experience to a whole new, interactive level. Medieval Warmia and Masuria is a VR game created for a history museum. Now, you can visit the Middle Ages and experience the reality of this era.


Move freely around the unbuilt architecture. Trivision is an application created for the industrial sector, which uses AR technology to render real-size architectural designs around the user.