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AR Hunters is an innovative application created to encourage customers to buy in some of the shopping centre chains. The whole project appeared in several different editions, and was based on a simple concept: go shopping, get your chance, open a gift, and earn rewards! Gifts with prizes were displayed on special markers located around the shopping centre.

Technology used

Unity / Vuforia / React / .Net Core
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Turn shopping into a fun

AR Hunters is an easy-to-use, colourful application that, thanks to its interactivity, allows you to diversify your everyday shopping. Despite being the base of an advertising campaign, AR Hunters is primarily fun and entertainment app for older and younger users.

One of a kind solution

Thanks to the combination of AR technology, field game and promotional campaign, AR Hunters is a breakthrough sales-boosting system and the first application of its kind in Europe. Interactive campaigns conducted with AR Hunters attract an exceptionally wide audience and are definitely more engaging than the traditional ones.

Simple concept

The implementation of practical solutions made it possible to conduct each of the events only with the use of one dedicated application. The app is extremely easy to use, making it intuitive for everyone. In combination with colourful, minimalist graphics, it's an excellent tool for both older and younger users.

Scalable solution

The AR Hunters concept is easily adaptable depending on the main topic or the client. As a result, as many as 3 different chains of shopping centres cooperated with us: Forum, M1, and Plaza. Their campaigns took place in 7 different cities all over Poland and thanks to AR Hunters each of them turned out to be a great success.