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Cars, Ghosts, and… Dinosaurs? That's what defines Crashed; a round-based multiplayer game that puts skills to the test and friendships at stake. The game is literally made of chaos, absurdity, and humor: nobody is safe in a world where huge foams fall from the sky and dinosaurs can play the guitar.

Technology used

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Compete with your friends

Race, win, and replay! Bring extra controllers to play local versus mode or start an online match to compete with your friends, family, or even complete strangers! Have fun racing and fighting each other as many times as you want. Remember to take no pity on your opponents!

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Play on different maps and modes

A mall under a volcano? Why not! Zen garden with a rotating platform? That's some challenge! Each crazy map means different obstacles on your way and different rules provided by various game modes. "One more round" syndrome guaranteed!

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What would this game be if you couldn't release a little chaos? Bring a gigantic foams (yes, FOAMS) shower on the opponents, spill some oil anywhere you want, plant mines, and change the opponents' controls for a short while. Have no mercy to use all the power-ups!

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Beware of the ghosts

With each round the game becomes more and more chaotic as your previous moves become your worst enemy! Ghosts that mimic your car from the previous round appear on the map and pose a serious threat. How? Well, if you touch them, you will most likely explode.