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Become a guardian for the wildlife and take care of the environment with this unique simulation game. Take up the challenge of protecting the Natural Instincts’ wildlife. Give commands to the animals, control their population, and breed only the strongest ones to create more and more resilient generations.

Technology used

Unity / HDRP
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Control the population

The balance in the environment is very fragile. To keep it functioning, make sure there is a perfect proportion of prey and predators, herbivores and flora, or animals and their living space.

Guard the animals

Natural disasters, humans’ destructive impact on the environment, unexpected events, and different diseases threaten the life and health of wild animals. Your task is to protect the wildlife from all these dangers. Are you ready to take that challenge?

Help natural selection

Eliminate weak animals and breed the strongest ones to keep the desired features in circulation. Ever wondered about creating an invincible generation of rabbits? Now you have the chance!

Explore different surroundings.

Natural Instincts offers different environments with various animal species, events, and challenges. Forget for a moment about city landscapes and let this nature game lead you through the fantastic yet dangerous world of wilderness.